Compassion is Looking for You – Get Involved



“There are 400 million children living in poverty. Put your love into action to impact real change.”

~Compassion International

Hey, Everyone!

Stopping through to let you know about a couple of ways that you can get involved in helping to raise the awareness of children in poverty or to become a child sponsor at Compassion.




Compassion Sunday – Compassion Sunday is a nationwide event involving thousands of sponsors and churches across the country. It allows individuals such as you and me to share our hearts for children in poverty with the members of our church families. The official date for Compassion Sunday 2016 is April 24th. However, you can also choose a date that is best for you. Just order the free Planning Guide and you will be on your way to helping give children hope.

I am blessed to be the member of a church, whose head family is heavily involved in missions already. My pastor and his family actually used to live in Africa for a season of his young life. His father and mother founded a missions organization. Today, though the parents are no longer here, the children continue on in their legacy.

The Assis Brothers

Act for Compassion – Act for Compassion is a new way to empower the Compassion community to be a voice for children. Their current focus is Brazil, helping to release them from poverty and fight off diseases such as the Zika Virus. The way to get involved with Acts for Compassion is to: get inspired, create your fundraiser, and put your love into action. There are currently 97 acts for compassion that have been started; raising a total of $14, 160. Praise God for that.

For a month or so now, I have been searching my heart and wrecking my brain for ways that I can produce the income to help sponsor at least one child. I can not help it. It’s in my blood. And to come across this, has really lit a fire under me and inspired me so much. At first, I couldn’t see the way to do it. But now, the way is clear. I just needed a little more push of inspiration.

What about you? Have you been inspired in any way to get involved helping free children from poverty? How about this post informing you about and asking you to become a partner with one or both of these endeavors? If not what would it take? Would the Word of God suffice?

Then the word of the LORD came to Zechariah, saying, “Thus says the LORD of hosts: Execute true justice, show mercy and compassion everyone to his brother. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. Let none of you plan evil in his heart against his brother.” ~Zechariah 7:8-10

I get excited thinking about being or becoming a part of something that’s greater than you and me. Family and Friends, we have a chance to do something with our resources. I hope that you will consider looking further into these two great events. Maybe after much prayer and meditation, you’ll comment below to tell me that you did. You signed up to make a difference.





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