One Word for 2016

Compassion started a tradition for their bloggers of focusing on one word every year. It’s one they’ve been faithfully keeping for some years now (since 2009).




Each month, as a volunteer compassion blogger, I get a writing prompt. How I missed this one way back last year, I don’t know. But I would have loved to blog about my one word then.  And it’s funny. Because up until, this morning, I thought I knew what that one word was. I thought my one word would have been the same word God gave me back in 2014. Intentional.  I was wrong.

Since I’ve found out about the one-word writing prompt, I’ve been thinking heavily about my word for this year. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gotten away from intentional. I will always strive for that. It is my mission.

Speaking of the word mission, it is my one-word focus this year.

I am on a mission. mission

I am. It’s something that I never want to lose focus of. In fact, my whole purpose for being here on the earth is for the fulfilling and completion of it. And I need to be reminded that, if I’m going to do that, it is NOT ABOUT ME. So what is my mission about? You ask.

First, it’s about bringing glory to my Heavenly Father. Where would I be if it wasn’t for His grace? Second, it’s about being one with my husband. I truly love that man. The way God has blessed my family by making him the head of it (I was a single mom of three when we met) is truly beyond words I can ever use to explain. Third, it’s about me being the God-purposed mother I need to be to the children that were gifted to me. I could into details of my past about the parent I used to be. But, I’d rather talk about the mother God has made to be today (in case you don’t get my reason for the line through my previous words, I’m no longer that mother). That mother wasn’t truly aware of her mission and purpose. This one, however, is.

Fourth, it’s about freely giving unto others what God has freely given me. Compassion. Mercy. Word of my testimony. Love. Jesus. And lastly, it’s about praying without ceasing. I honestly cannot understand how anyone can survive in this world without EEE Eee ever talking to the Father. That is something that is beyond me. Prayer is my lifeline, honey! Haha! I can’t go a day without prayer. I may as well go and sit in a corner and forget about my mission period. I mean, how am I to fulfill it without Him? It will never be possible.

So there you have it! My one-word focus of 2016. Now, I want to hear from you. Have you started the tradition of one word? If so, what is your one word? What events took place to help you decide on your one word? Share with me. Sharing is caring.






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